The Best Afternoon Teas In London


You are greeted by the sound of the Orient, as a musician plucks away on a Chinese guzheng zither- and yet there’s no escaping the fact that you are in London. To the west, the London Eye circles; ahead, Tower Bridge proudly straddles the River Thames; train tracks cut a path through the concrete jungle in every direction; and, in the far distance…

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120 years at Le Cordon Bleu


If you want to exceed as a Chef, it is essential to possess good pastry skills. What I have learned at Le Cordon Bleu, helped me to get where I am today. When I became head chef, I was able to understand the art of creating a dessert and to produce my own signature puddings. Today I have fantastic pastry chefs in my team at Shangri-La Hotel, at The Shard, London. I don’t try to teach them what to do, but the skills I…

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The Shangri-La At The Shard: London's Best New Location For Luxury


You’ll spend the morning exploring the nearby Borough Market with the hotel’s Executive Chef, Emil Minev, who describes the market as having made “huge progress” in a matter of years. So much so, that he sources 80% of his fresh ingredients for the Shangri-La menus from the market. During your visit you’ll get the chance to select the ingredients you want for your dinner that night—and show no mercy to Minev.

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Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard


Confusingly for a restaurant called Ting (which means living room), the food from executive chef Emil Minev is British and European, based on classic principals. As you would expect in a five star hotel, our dishes were well executed, service was swift, the wine very well chosen by the sommelier and the staff charming. If the food is excellent and practiced rather than unusual and outstanding in Ting, the views are certainly special and…

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Emil Minev hosts demonstration in London


With almost 25 years of culinary expertise in fine dining, Emil Minev is Executive Chef at Shangri-La Hotel, at The Shard, leading a brigade of 60.  Chef Minev oversees the hotel’s three unique wining and dining venues, including an artisan deli and patisserie on the ground floor, a signature restaurant and a lounge on level 35 that offers a sumptuous array of locally inspired dishes with an Asian touch using ingredients sourced from nearby markets, and a signature bar on level 52.

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Europe’s tallest luxury hotel towers over London


The Shard towers, if that is the word, high into the sky. OK, says the gal, in Asia it would be nothing but here in Europe, especially London, it stands out as the highest building in the whole of the EU, and it includes the city’s most striking new luxury hotel. The Shard is 310 metres, or 1,016 feet high, and Renzo Piano’s design gave it its name. It has glass panels sticking out at all angles. Renzo Piano is known to despise skyscrapers, but the developer, Irvine Sellar, flew to…

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Emil Minev on high-rise dining and making people happy


I started working on it two and a half years ago. Initially the company wanted a casual, all-day dining style restaurant: stations and buffets and all that. I l thought we could do something better and we developed the concept that is now Ting – high-level Asian-influenced food in a relatively relaxed environment. The views are obviously incredible and the restaurant needs to work in five or 10 years, it needs to have a timeless quality.

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Chef Emil Minev Shangri-La Villingili Resort Talks Tabletop


The table top is not only a part of interior design of a restaurant these days, but to me it is an essential part of the food concept. At Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa, we select our dinnerware only after we indentify the culinary concept of the restaurant. For example, at our signature restaurant Dr Ali’s, we serve authentic Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic cuisine prepared by the respective chefs.

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Dubai's best chef tables


Vu’s chef de cuisine, Emil Minev, has a knack for innovative presentation and unique yet delicious flavour combinations. Often, his food more closely resembles an abstract sculpture. At Vu’s chef’s table, patrons can watch him create their meal. The tasting menu includes five courses, wine courses and one-on-one time with the chef.

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London Calling


Emil Minev, executive chef at The Shangri-La at The Shard, London, is making eleven à la carte items and a dinner set menu during his stay at Lobster Bar & Grill. The set menu begins with a starter of Dorset crab, which is accompanied by light and summery cucumber and tomato. After that there’s another seafood course, of hand-dived scallops…

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先来介绍一下我们的Chef———Emil Minev。他…来自于伦敦香格里拉大酒店。呃,伦敦香格里拉?这个酒店好像是XXXX,对!你说的没错,这里就是今日敏镐欧巴恋情曝光的地方,也是他们秘密约会的场所哦。不对!跑题啦!说好的我们今天是来谈美食的,可不是娱乐八卦小分队。所以,首先呢,让我们一起看看敏镐欧巴和秀智欧尼秘密约会酒店的Chef Emil这次给我们带来了什么惊喜吧。

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Τα καλύτερα εστιατόρια του Ντουμπάι



Από τον 50ό όροφο του ξενοδοχείου Jumeirah Emirates Towers όπου στεγάζεται το Vu’s, η πανοραμική θέα των γνωστότερων κτιρίων του Dubai είναι θεαματική – εξίσου θεαματική και η κουζίνα του με τη βοήθεια του σεφ Emil Minev. Το μενού είναι γεμάτο εμπνευσμένους συνδυασμούς, μια συνεύρεση γαλλικής και ιταλικής κουζίνας με μια μικρή δόση Ασίας, και τα υλικά έχουν υψηλή ποιότητα.

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倫敦Borough Market——總廚領遊


綜合報道)很羡慕倫敦香格里拉酒店(Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard)的行政總廚Emil Minev,因為他除可每天置身這家西歐最高酒店賞美景做菜,更重要是距離酒店咫尺之遙便是向以食材優質新鮮見稱的倫敦最悠久市集Borough Market,難怪他能樂此不疲地領酒店客人遊遍這個市集,分享挑選食材及對美食的心得。

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上星期三,我跟随Shangri-La Hotel At The Shard行政总厨Emil Minev到碎片大厦附近的Borough Market逛街市,领略伦敦这个国际大都会的饮食文化。在最热闹的周末以外,平日的Borough Market却如实反映了这个欧洲小区街市平易近人的一面;阳光从玻璃窗透射进街市,几位闲人或游人在长凳上叹咖啡、阅读,周围种了小树,这景象在香港应不多见。Borough Market…

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Review: Ting at the Shangri-La Hotel


The menu is an exercise in restraint: six starters (six incredibly expensive starters) and six mains. This is what I want in a restaurant – for someone to do the thinking for me, just as I expect them to do the cooking. I don’t want to have to mentally process 30 dishes that one kitchen couldn’t possibly hope to prepare very well anyway, knowing in the …

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New restaurants in the Shard


Ting serves both Asian comfort foods — curry laksa, wonton noodle soup — and European dishes with an “Asian twist”. Most of the ingredients come from nearby Borough Market. As a starter, I picked the scallops with carrot, ginger and coriander. They were fat and fresh and not overwhelmed by the other flavours — another scrape-the-plate-clean course.

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Dinner at Ting, Shangri-La The Shard


After months of anticipation, and constant refreshing of their online reservations page, Shangri-La The Shard has finally opened and brought with it one hell of a Restaurant- Ting. I’d endeavored to extensively stalk the new menu, so you can imagine my delight when one of my bestfriend’s decided to celebrate her birthday at the 35th floor eatery.

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Maldives… Emil Minev : Executive Chef Au Villingili Resort & Spa


Décontracté et souriant, paré de son indissociable tablier en plastique bleu, Emil Minev arrive tout droit de ses pianos où se prépare le dîner de ce soir. Si en cuisine l’ambiance est paisible, c’est que l’homme n’est pas stressé et son sourire incessant affiche son bonheur d’avoir, il y a 6 mois, choisi de rejoindre les Maldives. Emil est né à Sofia en 1974. Tout petit déjà, il commence à occuper la cuisine familiale et dès l’âge de quinze…

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