Signature Dishes

HIghland scallop (2014)

HIghland scallop, carrot, ginger, Yuzu and mandarin.

Rhug Etsate Organic Welsh lamb (2013)

2013 Rhug Etsate Organic Welsh lamb, soy, mirin, mushroom green apple.

Pressed tomato Terrinne (2009)

2009 Pressed tomato Terrinne, powdered olive oil, crunchy bell pepper, and berries.

Pork Belly (2008)

2008 Pork Belly, scallop, pineapple, and mustard.

Hot smoked Bonito (2007 )

2007 Hot smoked Bonito pate in a beet powder, crispy new potato, pommegranate reduction.

Grilled New Potato (2007)

2007 grilled new potato, caramelized garlic creme.

Tarama (2006)

2006 Tarama, tomato jam, cucumber and lime espuma.

Summer berries (2006)

2006 Summer berries, pressed roma tomato, water mellon, set yougurt.

Organic Tomato (2006 )

2006 Organic Tomato powdered, extra virgin olive oil.

Strawberry Gazpacho (2005 )

2005 Strawberry Gazpacho, bell pepper jam, olive oil emulsion.

Roasted Beetroot (2005)

2005 Roasted Beetroot,buffalo soft white cheese, beetroot sweet and sour sauce, fresh pear

Red Mullet Broth (2005)

Red Mullet Broth with tmato compote and light citrus foam.